ArE yOu ReAdY tO gEt FuNkY

3D Printing filaments manufactured in South Africa at an insanely affordable price! Why pay an arm and a leg for imported filaments, when you can get the good stuff right here?

Our filament is sold on cardboard cores , not plastic spools. This allow us to sell our products at a highly competitive price and it’s just better for the environment! No fancy packaging, no nonsense, just great filament!

  • Simply order your Funkiments filament spool from our online filament store
  • Download your reusable filament spool holder from our downloads page (either the complete printable spool holder or the printable spool core and skeleton spool sides)
  • When opting for the printable spool core, the hardboard spool sides can be ordered off our store free of charge with your order or simply print your own skeleton spool sides.
  • Print and/or assemble your reusable filament spool holder
  • Fill (or refill) the spool, see this step by step guide
  • Enjoy trouble free printing with Funkiments!