We are Funkiments! We are 3D Printing filament, manufactured in South Africa at an insanely affordable price! Why pay an arm and a leg for imported filaments, when you can get the good stuff right here?

Our filament is sold on cardboard cores , not plastic spools (awesome). This helps us to keep our prices super low while reducing the amount of unnecessary plastic waste! No fancy packaging, no nonsense, just great filament!

Simply order your filament of choice from our online store and prepare your reusable filament spool while you wait for your order to arrive by doing the following:

1: Download and print 2x Skeleton spool sides and 1 x Spool core. Alternatively you can purchase a pair of hardboard spool sides from our store for only R15
2: Once your order arrives, assemble your sides and core (CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW ) and place your filament into your new reusable spool
3: Enjoy trouble free printing with Funkiments